Perfect Symmetry


Silk is their touch
Heavenly is their smell
From Brazilian jungles
To vibrant meadows
May they dwell.
Intensifying the meaning of Beauty
As they glide and glisten liberally
Like mystical fairies,
Peeping out of green vegetation
Expressing their artistry openly.
As they are serene and peaceful,
Intruders seek and find
The fairy lands where they grow.
With every footstep,
The delicate beings tremble as they know
Once they are touched by stranger’s hands
Off to a distant land they will go.
Placed in dull, lifeless pots
Filled with fruitless soil
Their fragile hearts fracture.
Fiery with nostalgia,
Their mesmerizing glow rapidly raptures.
Overpowered and weakened by greed
Their pure souls can no longer breathe.
Their precious petals fall to the ground
Leaving Beauty alone, without a sound.
Lost is their delicate touch,
Lost is their wondrous smell.
Beauty hides, widowed in black
Her fair partner fallen from grace
Once a displaced model,
Exposing perfect symmetry
For the sake of the human race.

© Nicoletta

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