By Your Self


Being alone is quite a challenge.
Feeling that you’re on your own in the world,
Desperate to find someone you can hold on to.

You search and you search but that someone is not there.
For that someone you want is something you have created,
An ideal being that you have manifested.

You have selected the character that is compatible with yours;
You have picked specific exoteric characteristics;
You have chosen similar tastes in food and hobbies;
You are determined to find your creation;
Yet it is not there.

Truth is,
Nobody will be exactly as you picture them.
Someone precisely the opposite to what you have in mind,
May in fact be the one for you.

But loneliness makes us desperate.
Desperation stems from insecurity.
We are all afraid of being alone,
For we ourselves are the most frightening self to discover.

We think;
We act in a certain way;
We are given a particular face and body.
Therefore, we fall into the trap of thinking we know ourselves.

Being alone shatters any prior discovery of yourself.
It finds long lost keys to hidden doors,
Unfamiliar pathways, never trodden.
It sheds light on places you, yourself and you alone will be able to explore.
For loneliness is a certain challenge;
With the priceless reward of You.

© Nicoletta

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