The Island of Aphrodite


The Goddess of beauty and love,
chose this island as her birthplace.
Oh Aphrodite what loveliness you have spread
The most breathtaking landscapes.
I see your face in the mystical waters,
Your divine touch in the scorching sun.
Your breath is in the air,
The ancient smell of perfection.

How you have blessed this place.
Even in the ruins and obsoleteness I still sense you.
You have managed to charm your fairness into the horrors of history.
Was such fair beauty not enough to seduce Ares?
How could he have not succumbed to your magic?
If only you could have cast a spell to blind his determined eyes of war.
If only he could have entered the depths of your heart and surrendered.

Ghosts of terror haunt each street I walk on.
Desolated buildings ache from remnants of the past.
Blood leaks from each and every wall.
Cracks weak and beaten by age
Sinking deeper into the concrete,
Clinging onto memories.
Memories bitter and yet so sweet.
Thoughts of once was scream from afar.
A place once called home, transformed into something so distant.

The echos of happiness tickle what remains.
The joyous sounds of peace and serenity.
The calls of innocence when opponents once stood side by side as companions.
Yes, even in this unfamiliarity I find you temptress Aphrodite.
Your aura fills the absence.
It penetrates through the silence.
You illuminate the bareness,
Like a divine messenger,
An angel sent from above.
A constant reminder of the vitality
That serves the land of the present.

Although wounded by the bullet of Economy,
Who ruthlessly fired her gun.
Although knocked down by the ferocious Politics ,
Who mischievously hid in the shadows of empty words and promises.
Although neglected by the great Queens and Kings of Europe.
Your presence, Aphrodite is ever the more powerful.
I breathe in your aroma.
The sweet smell beyond the anxiety of the everyday.
You, my Goddess are the glory of this land.
The guardian of it’s marvelous, endless beauty.

© Nicoletta

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