Cavity’s Call

In the darkest corner you may sit

And stare into the pit of nothingness.

Giving it power to deceive you.

Manipulate you into thinking

That this is the source of your completion.

The brutality of the deception destroys you.

For no chemical entering the warmth of your blood

Can bring about a heat wave of happiness.

The fantasy of satisfaction is only momentary.

The reality of addiction strains all blessings of bliss.

It snatches the sparkle in your eyes.

Any twinkle left diminished by the demons of death.

A hallow hell you sniff.

Each burn you breathe,

Sneaking sickness into the depths of your soul.

Each ill you inhale,

Blurring the perfect harmony of the mind

The clarity of consciousness.

Each terror injected in your veins,

Deepening the ditch of your deletion.

Shovels smashing into the earth

Determining your fate.

Removing dirt after dirt

Speeding up the process.

Digging and digging.

A dandy drop for the darers,

A luscious lolly for the lazies.

A cream of coca for the chillers.

A heavenly haze for heroes and heroines.

Digging and digging.

Each candy for the brain,

A cavity’s call to your grave.

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

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