Your Own Cure


Why let disease take over your body

When you are your own remedy?

The sickness is letting you know

That you are the cause of it’s spread.

Your terrors, your fears

Are the cause of the contamination.

So why allow life’s traumas overpower you?

Why invite such an unpleasant guest

To conquer your home?

You are the cure

To any obstacle

That attempts to snatch away

What rightfully belongs to you.

For health is the most sacred part of your essence.

For how can an existence continue to thrive without this vital ingredient?

Your wellness is the water to your seed

The full blossom of each and every petal that makes you.

Continue to prosper my flower,

Why hide secluded in the underground,

When the soil above you allows you to grow and grow?

Continue to soar my butterfly,

Why hide in your cocoon when you can spread those wings and fly, fly away?

Continue to fight my strength,

Why allow yourself to deteriorate

When you can tear and tear any form of ill apart?

Life supplies you with a limitless dose of luscious living.

Why sulk into the pit of pointless pain

When you can discover your own potion of Power?

Why expose your open wounds to treacherous toxins,

Eager to cling onto each lingering layer with gripping teeth?

Instead, inject yourself with the miracle of magic

And prove that you are indeed the Source, the Savior, the Healer.

© Nicoletta

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