A penny.

A sign?



Focus, one look.


A flash of eyes I see.

This time, everyday.

Your grip

Takes hold of my senses.

I do not know


Not one thing about you.

One look,

I feel.

I know.


Every single thing.

Breaking my defenses,

I let you seep into my shelter.

A simple stare,

Breaking the thin line of protection

Which seals my mouth shut.

One look,

My lips tremble into a smile.

A mere glance,

My eyes intoxicated.

My sight poisoned by infatuation.

Awkwardly searching the ground,

For a remedy to shyness.

Some dirt.

To dampen the red in my cheeks.

One look,

My brain fried.


Fumbling for words to speak.

To greet you at least.

In that split moment of the day,

All emblems of brilliance desert me.

A clean slate.

With nothing to say.


To solidify my confidence.

One look,

I gasp for air.

One breath to take.

An inhale to fill my lungs

With courage.

A penny.

A shine of luck.

A leap of hope,

I pick it up.

One look,

Vision full of adrenaline.

Blurred by the back of your head.

Till tomorrow.

Same time.

One look,

Swept by the shadows of the ground.

Β© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…