The Teacher of Life

Life is but a constant teacher

And I an impatient student

Want to extract all knowledge.

Flaunting is not in my agenda,

I want to master the art.

Study every single scroll written about it.

Dig out it’s buried symbolism.

Know each twist inside out.

Till the deepest mysteries of the world

are carved on the lines of my hand,

Line by line a masterpiece.

The greatest literature displayed on each palm.

Holding the ultimate achievement of understanding the universe

In the grip of my ten fingers.

A clench once released, revealing squiggles of lessons.

Shining imprints of inner wisdom.

Rooted diaries of day by day.

Points prickled by pain,

Tissue soothed by tenderness.

A manuscript boasting for an audience.

Flashing to be read.

Till teacher and student seize to exist.

Both equally enlightened.

A leveled link of learning.

Pursuit of gaining guidance no more

As education is reached to the fullest.

A published story complete.

© Nicoletta

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