Swans Kiss

Scorching burning bodies

Flare from a single touch.

Trembling tips of fingers

Sting slippery sweat.

Separate entities, intertwine

Carve into one.

Swans gently stroke,

Gleaming feathers of grace.

Ripples playfully follow

Meeting beaks.

Perfect halves kiss

Clinking a perfect shape.

A gem glorifying love.

Flames of energy

Burst into the pale sky.

Shooting rainbow rays.

Birthing sprays of indigo.

Passion painted in the canvas above.

Eros blowing sparkling red,

Tickling horizons

With the promise of sunrise.

Like candles one by one,

Clouds lighten romance into the air.

Bodies dress in embrace

Desire burning deep within.

Hands unite igniting a pure glow.

Lust cradled in fever.

Fumed in pulse.

Dizzy heads

seeking serenity on beating chests.

Quivering eyes comforted by dreaming thoughts.

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

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