Gravitating above and beyond

Shooting flares of light

Spectrums fire the etheric.

Electric currents press

The hidden button

Prompting it to start.

Initiating a decision

To break on through.

A portal once opened,

Dives further more

Into expansion.

Magistrates conduct with wands

The vastness.

With the panels of energy

Spinning into acceleration.

Like magical dust

Crystallizing the body into shape.

Morphing it into an altered state.

Birthing an umbilical chord

Of maternal connection.

Paternity unites to settle the balance.

Leaders of the heart create

A child of the universe.

He who reaches the stars

Defies the laws of gravity,

For in his hands,

Belongs elevation

To the realms of infinite space.

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…