One Two Three

Life laughs

As it throws you an unexpected gift.

It giggles

As you look to the sky in gratitude.

The clouds you thank,

Celestial shapes guarding the canvas above.

The pure comfort of white

Like endless fields of cotton.

The breath you once exhaled with pleas

Now a thick air of satisfaction.

Bubbles of joy burst from its mouth

As it hears your blissful callings.

A wish you once whispered.

A dream you once envisioned.

“Do not fret,” Life said, “I hear your wish. I see your dream. Now let it go and count to three.”

Let it go?

When all I desire burns in me like fire?

“Desires burn hazardous flames when ignited in the mind rather than heart. Let it be. One two three.”
But this is all I want. All I need.

“Then set it free.”

The sky I saw. The birds in awe. The morning light, wings in full flight.

A deep breath. Need. Want.

Exhalation. The sun warming my head.

Squinting my eyes, golden rays danced like angels in the heavens.

Glory. This moment. All moments. Every moment.

Clouds bounce in the embrace of fluff.
Birds soar in a coat of feathers.

The sun peeps in the shadows of the night,

Eager to bring on the day.

The day, where anything can happen.

Any thing.

Imagine. Create. Release. Receive.

Now, I need. The present, I want.

“One. Two. Three.”

© Nicoletta

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