Like slicing onions

Each dice a piece of advice.


The sting will be worthwhile.

Hold the knife you may

Critics decide the direction of the blade.

Left, right, zig-zag

Up, down, to and fro

On your own?

A person your age?

Not the way to go.

Looks like you need a pointer or two.

Follow me

The cut is this way.

An eligible bachelor

That one will do.

Proposal that’s next.

Bumps are welcome

Why not a few?


Listen up.

Don’t you have a clue?

Minimum wage’s all you need.

Four mouths to feed.


Shaping your home.

Dirt free.

Heard vacuuming is the perfect workout.


Special offers.

The town up the street.

Why not stop by an

All you can eat?


Too late for that.

Peeled off the layers.

Sharpened the tip.

Thrusted the core,

Rays of the smell

Daring pupils to drip.

A chop well done.


Let’s see.

Raw too harsh.

Sautéed sweeter.


Exquisite taste.

Fine cuisine.

© Nicoletta

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