Polarities of Self-Discovery

Fearless fire

Burn desire

Bring alight

All my fright

So I too

Smell sweet perfume

Of crimson.

Smudge me ash

With a clash

May all I hide

Soon collide,

With all I dream.

A song

I blissfully hum

In a tune

Of a new


When all dark

Is through

And what is true

Seeps out.

Then shall

I know

What “I” am

truly about.

© Nicoletta

4 thoughts on “Polarities of Self-Discovery

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  1. The Fire Of Transmutation

    God is the fire of life, that divine spark that permeates the universe. As a vessel of local consciousness in this holographic universe; we can be the sinner or the saint. Because of this funny little scientific phenomenon called The Observer Effect, we can either preceive this fire as heaven or hell. What is the difference between sinner or saint? The difference, my friend, is found on the inside of us. Do we surrender to this fire of transmutation and experience holy ecstasy? Or do we resist the fire because we want to be in control? There is no escaping this fire, for all must pass through. The saint perceives this fire as  salvation and liberation;and yet the sinner perceives this very same fire as Hell, in all its infinite and personal forms. And the only place that you can choose between resistance or surrender is in the eternal now. In every moment in every time no matter how far we fallen into the many levels of hell ;we can always make the choice between love or fear, God is love, and it is only in surrender and acceptance of this love that we can be transformed by the fire, instead of being consumed by it.

    1. Beautifully said Tara. Indeed, we have no other choice but to let go and transmute if we want to evolve as individuals. Through our own personal evolution, we can then effect the collective and change the vibration of this planet to oneness and wholeness. Our greatest fears must be experienced and surpassed in order to make room for a new understanding of who we are. And as we constantly gain new understanding of our identity, we inherently acknowledge that we are part of everyone and when we work together, this not only makes us stronger as individuals but equally helps everyone at the same time. Love and light to you my friend ❤

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