Morning Aroma

9 AM



Not a minute more

Nor a second less

High knee socks


Dressy class


Giddy eyes of

Business suits and ties

Sleeky chic.

A longevity of lashes

Pulled to brims with mascara


Juicy red

An attention grabber


On the words exerted.

The aura of steamy

Coffee beans

Like a sleep walker

Drawn down the road of hazard

A long line of desperatos


A speeding up clock.


Just 5 to go

300 seconds

Excuse me


Yes, you in the grey

Striped tie

Perfect folded napkin

Right pocket

Lady’s first?

Por favor?

Just for today.

Texting his way

To an Americano

High heels

Not distracting

Barista’s calling out

Wake up!

Next, please

Craver number infinite.

Cup of cino


Let’s go for Jessica

But you can call me Jess

Room for cream?

Lactose free


9 AM


In she goes

Not a second more

Nor a minute less.

Burning aroma

Tasting it’s way

To the smiling hand

She firmly shakes.

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

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