Liebster Blog Award!

Yay! Liebster award! What a great way to end 2014…a challenging year, gifted with endless lessons.

Truth be told, there is bitter sweet sensation in the shedding of the old and the welcoming of the new. We cling on to our past experiences unwilling to accept change. Yet, given that change is unavoidable, we have no other choice but to fly with the winds of change as they breeze by.

How lucky am I to embrace this transition with an award!

My friend, thank you for flying your way towards my blog and nominating me!

With open wings, I fly with you.

I had no clue on what to do…so here are a few rules it be best to go through…

Facts about me…

  1. I love to travel, discover new cultures, see new things.
  2. I’m not much of a talker, prefer to express what I feel on paper.
  3. I am an avid reader. Think I have more books than clothes in my closet.
  4. I love art in all forms. Life is a large canvas, painted with fragments that paint a full picture.
  5. I often look up rather than down, and when I do look down I try to bring myself up again.
  6. I am a sucker for romance. Candlelight, roses, love songs awaken the cherub within.
  7. Spiritual and truth seeker.
  8. Stubborn perfectionist (yes…I am a Virgo).
  9. Word geek. Literally read between the lines of everything.
  10. I see everything as a sign, bearing significance in one way or the other.
  11. I take each day as it comes, grateful for the here and now.

Questions for me…

  1. Donald Duck or Woody Woodpecker? Donald Duck.
  2. Swan Lake (ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky) or Black Swan (film by Darren Aronofsky)?Ooh…ballet. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is definitely the winner.
  3. Harpies or Gryphons? It would be considered offensive if I didn’t choose a Greek mythological creature. Harpies it is, however hideous they are.

  4. Angry Birds (puzzle video games) or Birds of Steel (combat flight simulator video games)? Angry Birds.

  5. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (books by Selma Lagerlof) or DuckTales (cartoons by Disney)? Literature please, The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

  6. Dove of Peace (sketch by Pablo Picasso) or Swans Reflecting Elephants (painting by Salvador Dali)? Swans Reflecting Elephants..magical painting!

  7. Blackbird (song by The Beatles) or White Bird (song by Sam Bush)? Between the polarities of black and white, I choose white but in this case I have to go for the Beatles, Blackbird.

  8. Captain Jack Sparrow or Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico (The Penguins of Madagascar)? This one was a difficult one, sorry Captain the penguins of Madagascar are far too cute.

  9. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (novel by Ken Kesey) or To Kill a Mockingbird (novel by Harper Lee)? To Kill a Mockingbird.

  10. Raphinae or Phorusrhacos? Raphinae..had the pleasure to visit Mauritius..the island of these fascinating extinct creatures.

  11. The Raven (poem by Edgar Allan Poe) or The Birds (film by Alfred Hitchcock)? Poetry or film? My heart says The Raven by Poe.

I nominate…

  1. Autumn Star











I question my nominees…

  1. Is this the real world or is this fantasy? (Queen lyrics Bohemian Rhapsody)

  2. To be or not to be? (Hamlet, Shakespeare)

  3. What happens to a dream deferred? (Langston Hughes, Harlem)

  4. Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? (Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd)

  5. Do you remember nothing? (T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland)

  6. Is it just tomorrow or just the end of time? (Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix)

  7. If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? (Ode to the West Wind, Percy Bysshe Shelley)

  8. How soon is now? (The Smiths, How Soon is Now?)

  9. What can stop the determined heart and resolved will of man? (Mary Shelley, Frankenstein)

  10. Are we human or are we dancer? (The Killers, Human)

  11. How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky? (Bob Dylan, Blowing in the Wind)

    Thank you again and happy new year to all!


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