Last night, as I watched Casablanca it got me thinking. Where has all the innocence gone? Time traveling to the 40s made me nostalgic, hungry for a time where purity reigned and magic still existed. Sure, it was also during the time of WWII, yet there was an unexplainable naivety amongst people, well so it seemed coming from a Hollywood cast. The actors in the movie were not overacting, they kept it simple. Romance was truly felt in their expression, again never overdone. Listening to 40s, 50s music big band, swing, jazz, blues you get the feel of an entire different mind set. If you think about it literature was more alive in the past too. Speech, language more deep and rich. More meaningful. What happened to us? Really what did? This Valentine’s Day instead of getting soaked up in the jumble of commercialization, I say let’s revive passion through true love in our everyday. Expression, for your partner, lover, friend, family, self. Creativity in everything you do. Let’s love, with heart for once. Perhaps, our world will start reflecting it too.