As we swim our way over the next coming months, let us take the ocean with us…connecting to its ongoing flow…keeping calm and letting go… Special thanks to my genius sister Alexandra for filming & editing but most of all for making my spoken poetry video dreams come true.


Waves how they come and go Never know where they’ll take you Waves how they swim their way Kissing the sun awake Blessing the moon goodnight That is their fate Flow how they glow I will dance in wave Pray I grow as one with it And while I’m dreaming I’ll wash the shore Until I am no more Not me Nor he Never she I am a wave A wave I am A wave I’ll always be.

Taste of a Perfect Storm


My soul cried out remember,
My mind pounding in thought
The crashing waves
Drew closer
In time for a perfect storm.
In the rolling waters
I lost myself,
Bit by bit a little more.
And as the faintest light
Touched the corner of my eye,
I breathed a sigh of the ocean
Into every part of me.

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

Photo by me: Limassol, Cyprus

Singing Soul


I am having a love affair
with Music.
You see, I couldn’t help it.
The second I laid ears on it
Something took over.
Passion distorted my every thought
I had eyes for no one else.
The pulsating heat of every note
High or low
Birthed ecstasy into my veins.
My blood spoke with love
As if it was learning a new language
It had never heard before.
I became a poet
Citing lyrics I never knew I had inside me.
Music took over and I let it
Become every part of me
With no regret.


© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…


Photo by Nicoletta

Song: Poets- Tragically Hip



Tears roll down my chin
Like the raindrops on my window.
How to describe this beauty
Oh Lord
I try my best to sink it all on paper.
The fairies song
Ring my heart awake
As I stare at endless green
Above me
Below me
Turning all around me.
I am the greenness of this place
The greenness is me.
The higher the hill
The freer my breath rises.
My soul redeemed
In the shelter of each turn.
My head rests
On the comfort of sheep coat.
My body unravels
The mysteries of endless castles.
My eyes fly in the arms of raven wings.
My feet ground roots into the earth
Becoming one with it.
I am forever this land
And this land is forever me.


© Nicoletta


If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…


Photo by Nicoletta: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Song: Lost Patrol- Big Country

Your Song


Ringing in my ears

Is your song

The tune plays on repeat

Through thought and dream

Your song

Plays on repeat

On and on it plays

Greets me in the day

Tucks me in at night

I hear your song

On and on it plays

On repeat.


© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…


Photo by Nicoletta: Edmonton, Alberta 

Willow Tree


Can it be True

If I were not me,

I would be you?

And Two combined



A Willow Tree.

Our eyes would meet

Like once before

Tumbling times

Too long ago.

Where I was You

And You were Me

Not two,

But three


A Willow Tree.


© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

Perfect Symmetry


Silk is their touch
Heavenly is their smell
From Brazilian jungles
To vibrant meadows
May they dwell.
Intensifying the meaning of Beauty
As they glide and glisten liberally
Like mystical fairies,
Peeping out of green vegetation
Expressing their artistry openly.
As they are serene and peaceful,
Intruders seek and find
The fairy lands where they grow.
With every footstep,
The delicate beings tremble as they know
Once they are touched by stranger’s hands
Off to a distant land they will go.
Placed in dull, lifeless pots
Filled with fruitless soil
Their fragile hearts fracture.
Fiery with nostalgia,
Their mesmerizing glow rapidly raptures.
Overpowered and weakened by greed
Their pure souls can no longer breathe.
Their precious petals fall to the ground
Leaving Beauty alone, without a sound.
Lost is their delicate touch,
Lost is their wondrous smell.
Beauty hides, widowed in black
Her fair partner fallen from grace
Once a displaced model,
Exposing perfect symmetry
For the sake of the human race.

© Nicoletta

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