A Face of Matrimony

In my eyes, they see you.


Your splashing pigments and shape.

My curls bounce a memory of your strands.

The creases in my smiling eyes,

Yours mother.

Lucid flows of laughter bursting out of my mouth,

It is your giggles they hear.

Confusing others with the sound of your voice,

Tricking buds on the tip of my tongue.

Each and every part of my face,

A puzzle piece of your making.

They see each of you in me,

Yet, I see none of You.

What You were.

Who You were.

How You were.

In the lines of life,

Painting experience onto my expression

I do see apart of You.

Each crack, deepening the affection

Of skin and imperfection.

Blemishes distancing youth,

Two teenagers madly in love.

Innocence long drifted away.

Adolescent passion perfectly hidden,

In the fragments of my face.

Carvings of separation,

Deepened in roots of divorce.

The firmness of togetherness

Overlaid by each fractured break.

In each layered flaw,

Masked is the tight unity of us.


Two letters,

Symbols drawn by a magnetic pull.

Standing side by side,

Supporting each others character.

The empty spaces of a jigsaw I see,

The failure of finding a match.

Scattered missing pieces.

Eyes belonging to you;

Father they see.

Your laughter mother.

A faded matrimony of You that will forever be me.

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

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