Time Flies



I shook my head
side to side
Image after image
flashing by
in a split second
without a blink of an eye
it was tomorrow
and then again today
all happening yesterday
a lapse of the mind
all inevitably passing by
without even stopping by
to wave a final goodbye.


© Nicoletta




Photo by me: Ancient Agora Thessaloniki, Greece 

Happy New Year

If the stars

Would paint a picture

In my mind’s eye

For years to come,

I’d hope to see

A future

Full of innocence

Beauty and Love.

If the stars

Would make my dreams

Come true

I’d ask for All magic

To be shared with you.


© Nicoletta


~As we let go of yet another year, let us be grateful for all our accomplishments. 2016 blessed us with gifts, made us stronger, taught us powerful lessons. As we embrace 2017, let us focus on manifesting positivity into the world. The earth craves for an abundance of gifts: peace, love, wholeness. The only person who is able to grant these blessings upon Mother Earth is YOU. So begin by being grateful for who you are because there is no one in this world that is more alive than you. 



Tears roll down my chin
Like the raindrops on my window.
How to describe this beauty
Oh Lord
I try my best to sink it all on paper.
The fairies song
Ring my heart awake
As I stare at endless green
Above me
Below me
Turning all around me.
I am the greenness of this place
The greenness is me.
The higher the hill
The freer my breath rises.
My soul redeemed
In the shelter of each turn.
My head rests
On the comfort of sheep coat.
My body unravels
The mysteries of endless castles.
My eyes fly in the arms of raven wings.
My feet ground roots into the earth
Becoming one with it.
I am forever this land
And this land is forever me.


© Nicoletta


If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…


Photo by Nicoletta: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Song: Lost Patrol- Big Country

Victory in my Name


Who am I?

Free I am.

A parachute of liberation.

Eyes closed

Arms wide open

Shaky steps

I take my thumping heart with me

Into a destination of surprise.

What wings can I grow

If I succumb to the sincerity of stability?

What am I?

A wanderer I am.

With an endless appetite.

Path to path, I saunter,

Craving for the full in wonder.

On a hungry expedition

An explorer,

Keen to take every bite out of chance.

What cleverness will my eyes consume

If they are seduced by the slyness of starvation?

When am I?


For choosing

The roads I take.

I stare straight into the pupils of fear.

No blink of hesitation

Scares away my plight.

The victory that stands for my name

Gives me courage to carry on.

To walk with caution

Across the thin lines of obscurity.

What lessons of limitlessness will my mind digest

If I linger on the lack of living?

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

One Two Three

Life laughs

As it throws you an unexpected gift.

It giggles

As you look to the sky in gratitude.

The clouds you thank,

Celestial shapes guarding the canvas above.

The pure comfort of white

Like endless fields of cotton.

The breath you once exhaled with pleas

Now a thick air of satisfaction.

Bubbles of joy burst from its mouth

As it hears your blissful callings.

A wish you once whispered.

A dream you once envisioned.

“Do not fret,” Life said, “I hear your wish. I see your dream. Now let it go and count to three.”

Let it go?

When all I desire burns in me like fire?

“Desires burn hazardous flames when ignited in the mind rather than heart. Let it be. One two three.”
But this is all I want. All I need.

“Then set it free.”

The sky I saw. The birds in awe. The morning light, wings in full flight.

A deep breath. Need. Want.

Exhalation. The sun warming my head.

Squinting my eyes, golden rays danced like angels in the heavens.

Glory. This moment. All moments. Every moment.

Clouds bounce in the embrace of fluff.
Birds soar in a coat of feathers.

The sun peeps in the shadows of the night,

Eager to bring on the day.

The day, where anything can happen.

Any thing.

Imagine. Create. Release. Receive.

Now, I need. The present, I want.

“One. Two. Three.”

© Nicoletta

A Fan of Elevation


When all is in gloom

How can there possibly be room

For light?

How can you see when all is dark?

When all around you is veiled in full mourning?

Take off your blindfold and observe, observe what is around you.

For you may feel as worn out as a carpet, endlessly stepped on.

As broken as the plates when Greeks celebrate.

For you are at your lowest low.

Oh so miserable.

The depressed and repressed Miserabilist. The philosopher of all pessimism.

Spreading your disease of philosophies, knocks the life out of all living things.

Why not enter the shoes that walk around obliviously?

Trample on a rug, it will hold no grudge.

Drink ouzo, and dance, feel the soul of music hypnotizing you in trance.

In the moment of ecstasy, you may break plate after plate,

Yet, nothing in their substance leaves room for hate.

Rather than lamenting your lack

Wrap action around your back.

Challenge your lowest low to a battle with your highest high.

Feel the standing ovation inside, routing for the strongest competitor.

Devote yourself to becoming elevation’s number one fan.

Become obsessed, purchase all of it’s accessories.

Positivity. Merit. Completion too.

Cheer it on. and on. and on.

Promote it’s slogan confidently,

Shout it out loud for all opponents to hear,

“When the sun shines bright

The night trembles with fright.

Only light, light, light.”

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

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