Dream With Me 

Let me dream with you dear child

Let me dream,

A better tomorrow for you and me.

And should you dream a better picture

Paint it for me,

So we can build a canvas together.


© Nicoletta


~”Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children”- Martin Luther King Jr. 

Today celebrates the birth of a man who used words in actions, breaking systems of racial discrimination in the fight for true justice and freedom. Today, 54 years after his famous speech “I have a dream”, we are all still wondering, am I free? 

The impositions of modern day society are not much far in comparison to the slavery of the past. We are fortunate to have grown to a level of much more understanding as we appreciate individuals for who they are. Yet, we have SO much more to learn, SO much more potential to reach. The first step is by centering yourself in the heart, for that is truly the only source of freedom. Let us dream a dream together…


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Glow’s to Blame

Plump cheeks hallow

Like an obese anorexic.

Hallow cheeks plump

Like an anorexic obese.

Who are you?

Money craving blood sucker.

An all you can eat buffet

In exchange for the

Stomach pumping of your soul.

It is paper you hunger.

A scrap of nothing.

At least gold has a shine to it.

Star dust, to heal your cracked hands.

Black gold,

Even better.

The oyster of the sea,

With a perfect gem,

To fix the twist in your head.

Pray the sirens call your name

And draw you close.

Drown the evil inside of you.

What are you?

In the pursuit of material,

I wonder what is your substance?

How can you stand

To live with the glistening eyes of the innocent

As they blink for the last time?

It is behind your mountain heap

That you run and hide,

Abiding your own laws.

Look up ahead.

The shouts of caution

Flashing beams of warning.

Justice will be served.

Were you too blind to see?

It was all written out for you.

They were always willing to give you a helping hand.

Given you would understand,

What road to take.

What a shame,

That glinting glow’s to blame.

Like a moth to a flame,

The light switches

And you awaken

In the ditch of your riches.

© Nicoletta

The Law


Look at them with their
Black suits, smart ties, shiny shoes.
Their radiant white teeth
Hide the wrinkles of decisions
Which caused youth to slip away.
They call themselves The Law
And blind us-
You are free
You have rights they say.
Under their human masks
Lie their bloodshot eyes
And pointy fangs
Which squeeze the life out of us.
They demand war
They demand the end.
We will rise above them
We will make them kneel and beg.

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

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