Let There Be Light


Light deferred it’s creation

As if told

Wait for better days to come.

It held time on it’s wrist

Patiently waiting

Day to day

People to change

Races to come together.

Light watched in silence

Singing songs it alone knew.

Deep in it’s heart,

Light prayed.

A Golden Dawn to come

Hand in hand

Man and woman

Children of all color

Spirit of truth

Joined together as One.


© Nicoletta


If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…


Photo by Jan Hudec: St. John of Nepomuk Cathedral, Zelená Hora, Czech Republic 

Song: See the Light- Claire Ryann (3 years old) with Dad

Victory in my Name


Who am I?

Free I am.

A parachute of liberation.

Eyes closed

Arms wide open

Shaky steps

I take my thumping heart with me

Into a destination of surprise.

What wings can I grow

If I succumb to the sincerity of stability?

What am I?

A wanderer I am.

With an endless appetite.

Path to path, I saunter,

Craving for the full in wonder.

On a hungry expedition

An explorer,

Keen to take every bite out of chance.

What cleverness will my eyes consume

If they are seduced by the slyness of starvation?

When am I?


For choosing

The roads I take.

I stare straight into the pupils of fear.

No blink of hesitation

Scares away my plight.

The victory that stands for my name

Gives me courage to carry on.

To walk with caution

Across the thin lines of obscurity.

What lessons of limitlessness will my mind digest

If I linger on the lack of living?

© Nicoletta

If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…

Your Own Cure


Why let disease take over your body

When you are your own remedy?

The sickness is letting you know

That you are the cause of it’s spread.

Your terrors, your fears

Are the cause of the contamination.

So why allow life’s traumas overpower you?

Why invite such an unpleasant guest

To conquer your home?

You are the cure

To any obstacle

That attempts to snatch away

What rightfully belongs to you.

For health is the most sacred part of your essence.

For how can an existence continue to thrive without this vital ingredient?

Your wellness is the water to your seed

The full blossom of each and every petal that makes you.

Continue to prosper my flower,

Why hide secluded in the underground,

When the soil above you allows you to grow and grow?

Continue to soar my butterfly,

Why hide in your cocoon when you can spread those wings and fly, fly away?

Continue to fight my strength,

Why allow yourself to deteriorate

When you can tear and tear any form of ill apart?

Life supplies you with a limitless dose of luscious living.

Why sulk into the pit of pointless pain

When you can discover your own potion of Power?

Why expose your open wounds to treacherous toxins,

Eager to cling onto each lingering layer with gripping teeth?

Instead, inject yourself with the miracle of magic

And prove that you are indeed the Source, the Savior, the Healer.

© Nicoletta

Rippling Touch


The gentle rush of water,
Every drop filled with love.
A unison of peace and serenity,
Upon each ripple.

A harmonious symphony,
Each splash revealing a message from above.
To the common ear a simple, mundane sound;
For the majestic flow only unveils itself to believers.

Those blessed with not two eyes but three,
Are rewarded with the heavenly melody.
Angelic laughter can be heard; a tingling, joyous sensation.
Like the pure heart of an innocent child.

The chimes of mystical fairies ring as they giggle and twinkle.
Flashing a rainbow of extravagance, as they waltz with their fated partners.
The power of the embrace,
Transcending realms of space.

The past, present, future all merged in one.
For in the hypnotic flow of waves,
Time is merely an elusive concept.
Ancient, classical tones creep in contemporary tunes.
Altering, shaping them as they flash distant memories.

Everything can be remembered among the falls of water.
Hidden worlds from conscious memory spark to life,
As streams cleanse blurry, blinded eyes.
Enhancing vision with each rippling touch.

© Nicoletta

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