Above the Clouds


I am the one they call the resurrection
My blood
One with the phoenix
In my bones
Ashes have burned like fire
From the beginning of time
Until the end
Always have I risen
Always shall I rise
Come what may
Come what not
Will I rise again.

© Nicoletta


If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…


Photo By SVZ: Lake Louise, Banff

Song: Return to Innocence- Enigma

Adam’s Story

A cramp,

A kick in the joint

Pulsating sweat.

A twitch,

Adam felt the hit

In his limb.

Like an earthquake

Trembling beneath the soles of his feet,

Loss of balance gave him a skip in his step.

Infantility needing to quickly mature.

A soon to be mother,

Birthing his first born daughter of earth.

Oedipal nature,

Snaking its way into mankind.

The first kiss

One of incest.

A fruit so sweet

Bitter by

Dysfunctional inbreed.

A tree of genetics

Poisoned by a serpent hiss.

Humanity condemned,

Generations blindfolded with dark

A century lighted by illumination.

Ideas and creation

A bible of the high arts

Enlightening conscious minds of the future.


Hands a desperate reach

For productivity.

Capital winnings,

The fat men preach.

His story repeats.

Genetically modified


Mirrors of light and dark


From the ashes a phoenix rises

Seeing within,

The power of reflection.

© Nicoletta

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