Change is All We Need

We humans struggle to find what we are looking for. We go about life, not knowing what we want, engaging in different relationships, trying to fulfill ourselves through the comfort we think we will find in the arms of others.The fear of facing one’s true self blocks a lot of people from spending time alone in order to heal and grow. This results in relationship after relationship where one finds that they are repeating the same patterns, face the same challenges and relive similar disappointments.

Why do we like being hurt so much?

Humans do not consciously attract hurt and pain. Love is deeply rooted in our nature. However, what can be described as a major “flaw” in our modern society is that we do not realise that we are the ones who need to change in order for other people to change how they view and treat us.

Me, Change?

We are all mirrors of one another.
If I project insecurity, weakness and vulnerability in my character, this will usually lead to the attraction of unhealthy relationships. I will be constantly beaten down and kicked by abuse, and this cycle will never end unless I become conscious of it.
On the other hand, if I project strength and balance as a person, this will give me the power to attract helpful people who will provide me with growth. In the long run, I too can reciprocate the good they have to offer me in my life’s journey.

How can I become strong and balanced?

There are a lot of self help books out there and courses on strengthening the self. A and B can tell you how to do it. I can try too. Meditate, spiritual practice, yadayada I can go on forever. The truth is the power lies in you. Only YOU can make the change you seek. As simple as that. Sure, there are several pathways you can take and wonderful sources that provide you with valid information and helpful insight. However, there is no following the book in this process of self development. It is a long road ahead, with a lot of hard work. If you are not willing to become your own guru and make the effort to grow and evolve as an individual, no one will do the work for you.

Wait, you mean I can become my own healer?

This is a new age we are stepping into with the tremendous help from a lot of external sources that are beyond our human understanding. The energy of the earth is shifting to higher dimensions, giving us the ability to awaken to perhaps the highest stage in our our human evolution. Given that factor, there are a lot of people who have already done the work and made several changes in their own habits reflecting the old paradigm and can thus show the way. This does not necessarily mean that they are leaders or ahead of the game in any way, it is only a matter of timing. When one is ready, the change will happen. It is not a competition. Thus, group work is essential at this time. Having the ability to be flexible and open to experiencing what one feels comfortable with is key to helping oneself break patterns that are holding them back from further development.

How do I know what teachings or “group work” are right for me?

It is a matter of feeling rather than thinking. If you instinctively feel something is right for you, then simply go for it! Explore, that is what it is all about. Instead of procrastinating and doubting, allow yourself to plunge into the unknown and you will be surprised at how liberating the experience is. There are several healing modalities out there, just trust that your heart will guide you to the one that is meant to be. Rather than following one way, one method, one guru, be open to multiple sources to guide you to the change you seek. As you begin attracting health and balance into your body, this will also open up more and more helpful people, situations and circumstances. Life starts to truly become synchronistic and magical.

You make it sound so fairytale like and so easy. Can it be as simple as that?

Believe me, there are no prince charmings or princesses waiting to give you a pat on the back. This is a tough ride, challenging journey full of constant turns and shifts, temptations and pullbacks. We are truly spirit having a very physical experience, so we have to appreciate this reality and find the balance between the two. There are always helpers acting like guardian angels here on earth to help you, and so much help from the other side too. Several masters, like Jesus and Buddha walked the path and taught the path for us. We are now realising this potential even though it has taken us so many years and so many religious wars! We are one in the same, Inlakesh, I am another you. It is finally  time to wake up and realise the power of these words. What so many of our ancestors have fought for and sacrificed themselves for in the past. Let’s not let all that work go to waste.

Reclaim your power and make the change.



© Nicoletta

Your Own Cure


Why let disease take over your body

When you are your own remedy?

The sickness is letting you know

That you are the cause of it’s spread.

Your terrors, your fears

Are the cause of the contamination.

So why allow life’s traumas overpower you?

Why invite such an unpleasant guest

To conquer your home?

You are the cure

To any obstacle

That attempts to snatch away

What rightfully belongs to you.

For health is the most sacred part of your essence.

For how can an existence continue to thrive without this vital ingredient?

Your wellness is the water to your seed

The full blossom of each and every petal that makes you.

Continue to prosper my flower,

Why hide secluded in the underground,

When the soil above you allows you to grow and grow?

Continue to soar my butterfly,

Why hide in your cocoon when you can spread those wings and fly, fly away?

Continue to fight my strength,

Why allow yourself to deteriorate

When you can tear and tear any form of ill apart?

Life supplies you with a limitless dose of luscious living.

Why sulk into the pit of pointless pain

When you can discover your own potion of Power?

Why expose your open wounds to treacherous toxins,

Eager to cling onto each lingering layer with gripping teeth?

Instead, inject yourself with the miracle of magic

And prove that you are indeed the Source, the Savior, the Healer.

© Nicoletta

By Your Self


Being alone is quite a challenge.
Feeling that you’re on your own in the world,
Desperate to find someone you can hold on to.

You search and you search but that someone is not there.
For that someone you want is something you have created,
An ideal being that you have manifested.

You have selected the character that is compatible with yours;
You have picked specific exoteric characteristics;
You have chosen similar tastes in food and hobbies;
You are determined to find your creation;
Yet it is not there.

Truth is,
Nobody will be exactly as you picture them.
Someone precisely the opposite to what you have in mind,
May in fact be the one for you.

But loneliness makes us desperate.
Desperation stems from insecurity.
We are all afraid of being alone,
For we ourselves are the most frightening self to discover.

We think;
We act in a certain way;
We are given a particular face and body.
Therefore, we fall into the trap of thinking we know ourselves.

Being alone shatters any prior discovery of yourself.
It finds long lost keys to hidden doors,
Unfamiliar pathways, never trodden.
It sheds light on places you, yourself and you alone will be able to explore.
For loneliness is a certain challenge;
With the priceless reward of You.

© Nicoletta

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