As we swim our way over the next coming months, let us take the ocean with us…connecting to its ongoing flow…keeping calm and letting go… Special thanks to my genius sister Alexandra for filming & editing but most of all for making my spoken poetry video dreams come true.


Waves how they come and go Never know where they’ll take you Waves how they swim their way Kissing the sun awake Blessing the moon goodnight That is their fate Flow how they glow I will dance in wave Pray I grow as one with it And while I’m dreaming I’ll wash the shore Until I am no more Not me Nor he Never she I am a wave A wave I am A wave I’ll always be.

Little Girl Blue


Little girl Blue
What ever happened to your smile?
I can faintly see it
Crested in the train of your cheeks.
Little girl Blue
What ever happened to your sparkle?
I can vaguely see it
In your eyes when the sun comes up.
Little girl Blue
Whatever happened to your heart?
I can barely see it beating in your chest.
Little girl Blue
What ever happened to you?


© Nicoletta


If this poem had a voice, this is what it would sing…





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