Broken and tattered
A skater,
Gliding on thin ice.
A skater,
Filled with desires of twirling and spinning.

Disguised is Whiteness
Pure and angelic,
While hiding her hazardous waters beneath.
She sings, sweet lullabies
Drawing him closer and closer.
Promises of dances with doves and
Diamonds of internal dreams she sings.

She knows she has won him over,
For the skater is a dreamer-
A dreamer who has yet not met his dreams.
Acknowledging her power,
She smiles,
Dripping her frosty-sweet syrup.
The skater burns for the taste,
Aching for the potion to his heart’s desire.

For he can sense it,
He can almost reach it,
But, Whiteness is the key.
Only she can release him,
Only she can spark the firing flames of passion.

Determined he stands fixated,
On the harsh slates of frozen waters.
Wanting nothing more than to
Escape bitter-sweet symphonies.
For the skater is a dreamer-
A dreamer who has yet to realize his dreams.

Filled with menacing pain,
He glides on the deceitful sheets of ice.
Little does he know,
That with every step he goes,
He is unlocking and cracking Whiteness.

Every step he takes,
Making her crack and break,
Strengthens the exposure to her fatal waters.
For the skater and Whiteness are destined to dream together.
Eternal companions,
Moving beyond the shivering shadows of ice.

© Nicoletta

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